These words can be heard around our clinic and guide every policy and procedure at PAW Health Network.

Combining the drive to improve our patients’ quality of life; to improve balance in the life of our staff; to maintain non-corporatized local influence; to emphasize education of all members within the care team, and you have PAW Health Network’s industry-changing practice model.

Veterinary technicians are chronically under-appreciated in our industry. The traditional hierarchy of Vet, CVT, Unlicensed staff, and Reception staff has led to a plague of career dissatisfaction.

At PAW Health Network we have toppled that hierarchy to enable all of our staff to reach significantly higher levels of success and fulfillment in their professional roles. CVTs and Veterinary Nurses are utilized to their fullest capacity in what they are trained to do.

Responsibilities for Employment: 

  • Perform initial evaluations of patient’s condition, dress wounds, check vital signs, collect samples, perform advanced lab work, may assist in procedures, and administer medication.
  • Follow the directive of expediting technician to fulfill non-linear triage for the most efficient case completion.
  • Read interpret and assist in the implementation of written medical treatments.
  • Read and maintain electronic medical records to track their care and health conditions.
  • Effectively execute duties and manage personnel within the clinic laboratory.
  • Obtain and process laboratory samples such as feces, blood, urine, tissue, and free fluid by means of free catch, venipuncture, cystocentesis, fine needles aspirates, and skin scrapes.
  • Patient preparation and monitor surgical procedures and dental prophylaxis.
  • Complete Technician appointments
  • Perform CPR and Euthanasia processes.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

-Current unrestricted license/certification in veterinary technology within the State of Wisconsin.
-Degree in Veterinary Technology is encouraged however, not necessary.
-All levels of experience in the veterinary field will be considered.
-Willing to train the right individual.

About PAW Health Network Inc

PAW Health Network is a 24-Hour Animal Care Center that provides an array of services offered to the community. These services include the following: walk-ins, routine care, urgent care, and massage therapy. We are changing the veterinary industry by creating a service-based environment focused on informed consent, quality of patient life, caregiver education, and the balance of the lives of our staff by providing a local non-corporatized process of team collaboration and accountability. The culture at PAW Health Network is loyal, laid back, enjoyable, and supportive of one another. If you are looking to begin or continue your career in an environment where you are valued, and encouraged to be successful and thrive while leading the industry with your care team, then please apply.

Required Education Level : None