Responsible for preparing payroll accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable and basic
accounting and personnel duties and reports.
Primary Responsibilities:
•  Prepare payroll, payroll taxes, quarterly and annual reports, unemployment reports, verifies payroll deductions
•  Completes accounts payable and accounts receivable
•  Prepares documents for auditors, payments for pension contributions
•  Tracks employee vacation, sick time, and medical allowances
•  Enrolls new employees in life and short term disability insurance coverage
•  Reconciles rents and tenant security deposits accounts and all bank accounts
•  Prepares and reviews monthly budget  reports
•  Pays mortgages and maintains and reconciles reserve and tax accounts
•  Performs other related duties as assigned
•  Must maintain confidentially in all aspects of this position

Please email resume with salary requirement to jmanzolni@gmail.com or call Midtown Apartments at 570-344-9823 for an application

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Basic computer knowledge
• Knowledge of QuickBooks and Microsoft Office
Experience with accounts receivable and payable and knowledge of payroll and payroll reports required

Required Education Level : Associate's Degree