Kol Industries, Inc. is a architectural millwork manufacturer.  We manufacture moldings, ceilings, paneling, millwork for residential clients.  We have been in business for 35+ years.  We are located in Hanover, PA 17331.

We are hiring for a full time cabinetmaker and apprentices to learn cabinetmaking.  We offer a team minded environment that will enable you teach apprentices (unless you are an apprentice then you will work with a cabinetmaker to learn the trade) while you are manufacturing the work designed by an architect, designer or construction firm.  Our jobs are whole house packages and we take great pride in the uniformity of our products.

As cabinetmakers, most of our employee pool are not so tied into electronics.  No tag lines, twitter or fb.  If you have questions please call me at 717-630-0600, ask for Michelle.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Cabinetmaking, how to use tools of the trade, read a tape measure and drawings, verbalize what needs to be done and overseeing how the apprentice is enabling the success of your assigned workload. Being detail oriented, team minded and having a dedication to your career.

Required Education Level : None