Job Summary
The Veterinary Assistant is an integral member of the Pet Vet team. By providing skilled medical, technical, and administrative assistance to the team throughout all phases of service we are positioned to achieve greater efficiency in all areas of veterinary operations. The Veterinary Assistant also plays a critical role in educating and communicating with pet parents. Veterinary Assistants must understand and personally connect with our core values and principles as described in our Mission/Vision Statements.

Essential Job Functions

  • Assist receptionists with client/patient checking in and checking out of the hospital.
  • Ensure that clients and pets feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Utilizes minimal restraint (fear-free) techniques.
  • Understand vaccination policies and protocols and can explain them to clients.
  • Make certain the entire hospital both inside and outside, including treatment, surgery, kennels, runs, parking lot, an entry is kept extremely clean throughout the day
  • Administer certain anesthetics under direct doctor supervision.
  • Monitor anesthesia under direct doctor supervision
  • Give SQ, IM, and IV injections at the direction of a Veterinarian or Technician and follow clinical safety guidelines.
  • Understand the importance of a clean orderly facility. Proactively clean/organize work areas throughout the shift and at end of the workday as required.
  • Maintains file of lab test results. Record in patient records. Ensure samples are prepared for pickup by an outside lab and notify the lab if no pickup is necessary.
  • Admit patients following hospital policy and doctors’ written orders.
  • Enter charges on patient medical records including prescriptions, vaccine tag information, weight, and departure instructions.
  • Attend/participate in all staff meetings. Attends external continuing education events annually
  • Can maintain an appropriate inventory of all medical supplies as determined by the inventory control system.
  • Follow all handling guidelines to safely navigate dogs throughout the facility.
  • Learn and follow a color-coded caution system describing employee restrictions and permissions for dog handling.
  • Assist technicians when needed.

Computer Skills

  • Must be able to use multiple platforms effectively to meet business needs including Vetter, OneNote, Gingr, When I Work and Microsoft Office software.
  • Must be able to learn and easily adapt to new technology.


  • 3+ years of professional work experience as a Veterinary Assistant
  • Genuinely enjoys helping people and their pets; can handle the stress when animals are ill or in pain
  • Shows patience and empathy to clients that are emotionally charged and in all other interactions
  • Highly organized; works well in a team setting; able to shift priorities in accordance with unexpected events. Remains calm and efficient during a medical crisis
  • Comfortable interacting with dogs and cats of all breeds and sizes
  • Follow rotating work schedule (e.g. nights, weekends, and holidays)
  • Reliable and dependable; maintain excellent attendance and punctuality
  • Strong work ethic; sets high standards for self and others
  • Passionate about animal welfare; treats all animals with compassion and kindness


  • Associates Degree preferred
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent required
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Provide skilled medical, technical, and administrative assistance to the team throughout all phases of service we are positioned to achieve greater efficiency in all areas of veterinary operations

Required Education Level : High School Diploma or Equivalent