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About Wealth Words


Do you love playing with words? What if you can earn real money by playing easy and interesting crossword puzzles online? Wealth Words brings the super exciting word puzzle to make your puzzling experience an amazing one!

Wealth Words lets you spread your magic of words and showcase your talent to the world.

Wondering how to get started?

It's very simple! Fill in the single blank letter for each word of the puzzle and click SUBMIT.

You know what's the best part of these puzzles? These easy online crossword puzzles can be completed in minutes anywhere, where an internet connection is available!

Pro Tip: Make sure to SUBMIT your answers within the one-hour time limit and stay in the race to win the money! If you do not have the time to finish the game all at once, you can pause it and return to it when time allows you to do so.

So, bring your inner creativity out and win a handsome amount of money!


At Wealth Words, we believe that everyone should get the opportunity to play the games in a variety of languages, so we have created puzzles in 3 different languages:

The users can easily choose the language and play their game in the language of choice.
Account Creation for Playing Wealth Words
Before starting to play the game, you need to create an account and purchase our easily available Tokens.

It is a very straightforward and a simple procedure! All you need to do is:

Click on the 'Register' button on the header menu or click 'LOGIN' on the top right-hand corner of the screen. After that, click 'REGISTER HERE' at the bottom of the LOGIN pop up.

Now, fill up the required details and agree to the terms and conditions. You are ready to purchase the Tokens and to make money by playing the game.

You can also register using your Google OR Facebook account. Just click on the 'REGISTER USING FACEBOOK' button at the top of the CREATE ACCOUNT page and you are ready to go and play games for money! The process is same for Google Account.

How To Purchase Tokens To Play Wealth Words?
To play each regular Wealth Words puzzle, you need to use a minimum of one Token. We have our customized TOKEN PACKAGES suiting our players budget. These Tokens can be easily purchased.

Go to the HOME page, click on the 'TOKEN PACKAGES' and you can select the one that suits your budget.

Please Note:

The TOKEN purchases are priced in USA ($) Dollars. The cost of each TOKEN is $2.
You can select a TOKEN Package to get the TOKENs at a DISCOUNTED price.
Once you purchase the TOKENs, they are non-refundable.
You can purchase the TOKENs with your Paypal account or your Credit Card via the Guest Paypal payment option.
The prize winnings are paid in USA ($) Dollars. Your winnings can also be used to purchase more TOKENs.
You can cash out your winnings anytime and the funds will automatically move into your PayPal account. With this, your financial information is safe and secure as it is only shared with PayPal. Also, the winning prize can be converted into the local currency of the winner(s) when and where applicable.
The winnings that are cashed out will be transferred from the Paypal account of Wealth Words
The new signups will get a free TOKEN from the Wealth Words team. Go, try your luck today!

Paid Games
For all the crossword fans out there, you have the opportunity to play crosswords and win a huge amount of money by purchasing the TOKENs starting with $2 and registering yourself on the website.

Free Games
Discover, play and enjoy the FREE games regularly available from the Wealth Words crossword puzzle games. You need not purchase TOKENs to play these games. Just sign-up on the website and you are ready to play the game. This is an amazing deal. Zero cost and the potential to win ($) Dollars with your word skills.

Open Games
To keep our guest crossworders entertained, we do have OPEN games. All you need is to visit the website and play the game under tag 'Play Without TOKENs'. No registration OR TOKENs are required to play the OPEN game. This is an amazing deal. Zero cost and the potential to win ($) Dollars with your word skills.

Saving Paypal details
Do you regularly play crossword online with Wealth Words? Don't like filling your details every time you purchase TOKENs? We have made this easy for you!

You can now save your Paypal details onto your Wealth Words account.

Just click on the 'TOKEN PACKAGES', fill in your complete details (first name, last name and email address) under the 'CASH OUT VIA PAYPAL' button on the right side of the screen and click 'SAVE' to save your PayPal details.

To make the transactions secure, we have KYC at the time of cash-out, so that only the authorized users can claim the winnings.

Wealth Words Prize Pool
So, by now you must be excited to know how will your cash prizes be divided and what will you get.

Each regular Wealth Words puzzle has two divisions of cash prizes and a single submission can only win in one division. 'A submission' is a single puzzle that has been submitted by a player. Let's make it more clear with an example.

For example: A submission that wins Division 1 cannot win Division 2.

Division 1
Player[s] whose submission[s] have all the 20 correct answers for the 20 clues PUZZLE will be awarded the Division 1 prize[s]. For example, if there is a game of 10 words, then all 10 words must be correct to win Division 1.
Division 2
Player[s] whose submission[s] have the most (but not all 20 , 10 OR WHATEVER THE PUZZLE SIZE IS) correct answers will be awarded the Division 2 prize[s]. Note that a maximum of 19 , 9 or whatever the puzzle size is correct answers are required.

For example: If the player[s] submit a maximum of 15 correct answers out of the possible maximum total of 20 correct answers, then all the player[s] whose submission[s] have 15 correct answers will be the winners of Division 2.


If there are Division 1 winner[s], there will also always be Division 2 winner[s].
If there are NO Division 1 winner[s], there will still always be Division 2 winner[s].
Super Word Puzzle
If in case, there are no Division 1 winner[s], the Division 1 prize pool will accumulate and at certain intervals, there will be a Super Word puzzle.

What is the Super Word Puzzle?

Super Word puzzle is a puzzle with bigger prize pool than the regular puzzles. To be a winner of the Super Word Puzzle, player[s] need to get all the answers correct. There will be no Division 2 in a Super Word Puzzle.

Get Puzzling!

Required Education Level : Bachelor's Degree