What you’ll do…

Walmart Central Fill Pharmacy is a specialized type of pharmacy that focuses on processing and dispensing of prescriptions for multiple retail pharmacy locations within a region.  Unlike a traditional pharmacy, Central Fill is full of automation allowing prescriptions to be filled fast and accurately. But the best part of Central Fill pharmacy is taking care of our patients in the community. While we are not patient facing, our job provides retail pharmacies the ability to spend much deserved time providing clinical services and education to the communities they serve.

We are currently seeking a Production Area Coach to join our team at our Frederick, MD facility. This position requires onsite presence and does not offer remote work options. Candidates must be available to work a rotating schedule which will periodically include working Sundays and Saturdays. Candidate must be flexible to work outside rotation/shift with advance notice as needed for training and/or business operational needs.

  • Minimum Qualifications: 

Bachelor’s degree in business administration OR 1 year of experience as a Walmart supervisor OR 2 years of external leadership experience leading a team of five or more supervisors and/or employees.
To complete a Board-approved program or Pharmacy Technician University program. Must become a registered pharmacy technician in state of practice within one year of job entry.

  • Job Description:
    • Financial Acumen Possesses knowledge of relevant financial and business management terminology, metrics, and key performance indicators; drivers of shareholder value; industry-specific trends and best practices in finance; financial challenges due to environmental, industry, and economic factors and impacts on strategy, organizational plans, and stakeholders. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Understands the drivers of the financial metrics that impact the business and impacts of drivers on business results. Performs analyses based on independent reasoning to draw appropriate conclusions. Analyzes business and financial data and supports the implementation and tracking of business plans that enable the attainment of financial goals. Communicates the results of analyses to diverse audiences. Understands the impact of factors and trends that may affect financial performance.
      Influential Communication Possesses knowledge of: verbal/nonverbal behaviors; application and allocation of business communication styles/techniques in ambiguous and challenging situations; situational awareness; communication channels/mediums; interpersonal skills and universal relationship building. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Organizes thoughts and communicate credibly and concisely in an interdivisional/interdepartmental setup. Presents to and influences team members, customers, and clients, conveying complex information clearly and accurately and addressing ambiguity in a constructive manner. Independently assembles and prepares reports/materials/storylines that have a structure and logical flow and are based on relevant, fact-based information. Influences team members and leaders to take action based on sound recommendations. Seeks and provide constructive feedback, anticipates needs/questions, and responds appropriately.Safety Possesses knowledge of: safety culture requirements; hazard identification and control systems; worker participation in safety requirements; safety education and training. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Inspects manufacturing/warehouse working environments for potential safety violations within an assigned area. Determines appropriate actions to take when safety violations are encountered. Utilizes personal protective equipment as required or recommended for staff. Conducts audits and maintains tracking logs on safety equipment. Responds to first aid and accident situations according to standard procedures.Project Management: Possess Knowledge of: Problem Solving/Decision Making To be able to: develop, prioritize, and coordinate work plans, review project schedules, cost, expenditures, milestones, communications, and documentations. Follows project management methodologies by tracking and monitoring work, holding project teams accountable to timelines, ensuring adherence to milestones, etc. Identify potential risks of projects and develop strategies to mitigate those risks, prioritizing and ensuring resolution of critical issues. Create communication plans which determines communication level, frequency, detail, and distribution of status updates; and minimizes the impact of changes.

      Data Gathering and Analysis Possesses knowledge of: data collection processes and standards; data analysis techniques; data reporting tools. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Employs basic data collection and analysis methods and procedures. Examines analytical results to ensure the quality and accuracy of data collection and analysis. Contributes to the collection and analysis of data for certain Health & Wellness operations. Follows proper data collection and analysis methodologies and processes. Informs leadership of any difficulties that arise throughout the data collection process.

      Operations Possesses knowledge of: Health & Wellness policies and procedures; common operational issues and solutions; resource prioritization methods. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Supervises resource management. Plans the delivery and improvement of services, programs, and personnel. Provides technical consultation, guidance, and oversight for Health & Wellness operations. Directs, establishes, and plans the overall policies and goals for various Health & Wellness services. Coordinates and evaluates the quality of operations delivered throughout the organization.

      Customer Service Management Possesses knowledge of: customer service standards; customer issue resolution processes; service request processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Analyzes problem trends and takes steps to avoid recurring problems. Facilitates the resolution of customer problems, issues, or concerns. Ensures the identification of customer needs and priorities. Monitors and reports on the delivery of promised deliverables. Manages expectations of third-party techs and vendor help desk techs who provides direct customer service.

      Operational Excellence Possesses knowledge of: organizational processes; root cause analysis techniques; department workflows; standard operating procedures and One Best Way processes. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Assesses situations based on awareness of the goals and operating issues of assigned department. Seeks guidance when assigned goals conflict with departmental goals or overall strategies. Understands the importance of and implementation of One Best Way processes and standard operating procedures. Follows regulatory processes and procedures for assigned department. Seeks and analyzes situations or conditions with potential regulatory implications. Identifies and reports safety hazards and anomalies during operations processes.

      Medical Prescription Administration Possesses knowledge of: prescription knowledge data sources and resources; prescription administration assessment standards; potential drug therapy issues. To be able to carry out the following responsibilities: Participates in basic prescription verification practices (for example, prescriber identity verification). Troubleshoots actual and potential drug therapy-related issues. Adapts existing prescription administration processes according to organizational policies. Complies with organizational prescription administration assessment standards.


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Preferred Qualifications -

Leadership experience that includes performance management responsibilities

Bachelors: Business Administration

Required Education Level : Bachelor's Degree