The Veterinary Assistant is responsible for ensuring support to vet center veterinarians and veterinary
technicians including support on appointments, procedures, answering the phones, and other various
clinic needs
1. Assist and support veterinarian: restrain for procedures, field basic client questions,
discussing at home care details, provide support through appointments for patients &
veterinarians, end of day log write up, keeping the hospital (treatment area, lab, exam rooms,
surgery suite, etc.) well stocked, and assisting with incoming and outgoing phone calls
2. Assist with in-hospital animal care: draw up vaccines, prep samples for ear/skin cytology,
fecal sample, etc., check/print lab work, perform diagnostics on in-house Idexx machines, and
perform blood draws (when appropriately trained), nail trims, anal gland expressions,
administering oral or topical medications, caring for in-hospital patients
3. Assist with cleaning: ensuring the rooms, kennels, treatment area, lobby, surgical suite, etc are
neat and tidy in between patients, laundry, cleaning surgical instruments, wrapping surgical
packs, and operating autoclave

1. 1 year of veterinary assisting experience at an animal clinic
2. Ability to read, understand, and follow department and facility procedures and policies
3. Experience in handling dogs and cats during medical exams and procedures
4. Experience in communicating individually and in a team environment
5. Experience in working with computer applications
6. Ability to lift 40-50 pounds daily

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:


Required Education Level : High School Diploma or Equivalent