• We pride ourselves on providing the most in-depth and effective clinical rotations possible. Guided by an experienced mentor, we will provide you an in-depth experience specifically catered to the requirements provided by your educational institution.
  • Mentorship is the only way that our industry will thrive, and young veterinary professionals are craving it now more than ever. With that, PAW Health Network is happy to offer student externships and clinical rotation opportunities. In coordination with your education plan and curriculum, we are able to craft an experience that is right for you to push towards a successful start to your career.
  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) & Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT) programs have a variety of different requirements per program. With that, our focused mentorship program offers the experience where you are specifically externing with one of our experienced staff serving as your mentor during that time. After application, you will work with our Lead Educator and Human Resources to ensure that your experience aligns with where you are in your education path and the requirements of the clinical rotation you are seeking to fulfill.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Enrolled in Veterinary Tech program at a college, university, tech, or online program.

About PAW Health Network Inc

PAW Health Network is a 24-Hour Animal Care Center that provides an array of services offered to the community. These services include the following: walk-ins, routine care, urgent care, and massage therapy. We are changing the veterinary industry by creating a service-based environment focused on informed consent, quality of patient life, caregiver education, and the balance of the lives of our staff by providing a local non-corporatized process of team collaboration and accountability. The culture at PAW Health Network is loyal, laid back, enjoyable, and supportive of one another. If you are looking to begin or continue your career in an environment where you are valued, and encouraged to be successful and thrive while leading the industry with your care team, then please apply.

Required Education Level : None