About Us: As one of the few private, family-owned small animal clinics in Tuscaloosa, AL we place a high importance on workplace culture, proven processes, and core values in order to provide the best patient care. In 2017 Dr. Collins purchased McLendon Vet from Dr. McLendon, whose bustling practice was well known for his personal care. Client demand quickly outgrew the two exam rooms, so in 2020 Dr. Collins transformed the previous beuling into a 4800 sq. foot clinic with: 5 exam rooms, treatment area, x-ray, surgery suite, cat condo boarding, isloation ward, staff room, admin room, staff training space, and bullpen workspace for our DVMs. Less than a mile from the University of Alabama, our clinic is well known with new and long-term residents. Our fast-paced, three doctor clinic seems many walk-in patients daily and seeks professional, knowledgeable canidates to contribute to our practice.

To Apply: Submit an application online (via LinkedIn or ZipRecruiter) or email your resume to mclendonvetsocialmedia@gmail.com

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Recognizes and contributes to the culture and teamwork of our clinic
  • Task oriented with a posititve attitude
  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Effective at reading, comprehending, and implementing writtten and verbal protocols
  • Strong initiative in performing tasks in adherence with clinic processes
  • Self-motivation in learning new skills or tasks
  • Capable of learning new computer programs
  • Ability to learn and properly use laboratory and X-Ray equipment
  • Strong ethical boundaries to maintain a professional work enviroment
  • Capable of multi-tasking under busy circumstances and prioritizing daily tasks and patient flow
  • Cleanliness during patient cisits and able to follow routine dialy cleaning tasks
  • Please see below for technician skills 

Education and Experience/Qualifications

  • High School Degree or quivalent required
  • Bachelor’s Degree (4 year undergraduate degree preffered)
  • Experience in a veterinary techinican role preffered
  • Veterinary Medicine field (1 year preffered)


  • $12-$18 per hour based on experience
  • Health insurance, 401(k) for FT, waiting periods apply
  • Employee Discounts
  • PTO accrual


  • Available between 7:00am and 5:30pm/until close Monday through Friday and 7:00am to 11:00am/until close on Saturdays. Alternating weekend shifts required (overtime probable). One scheduled weekday off per week.
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Technician skills including but not limited to:
Comfortable around pets and able to hold animals properly for examination
Monitor patients under anesthesia
Assist with surgical prep
Perform dental scaling and polishing
IV catheter placement
Read intestinal parasite screens
Collect and run blood for labs
Administer vaccinations and injections
Documenting proper charges for patient visits
Understanding of medications available and capable of filling Rx prescribed by DVMs
Strong math skills

Required Education Level : High School Diploma or Equivalent