Eva’s Dog Camp was founded in 2002 by Eva and Sofia, two sisters that are just plain crazy about dogs. They wanted to create a place where dogs can run, play, and be loved all day while their owners are away for work or play. Our mission is to create a fun, loving, and safe environment for all dogs in our care. Our love and compassion for dogs is all encompassing and it shows in everything we do throughout our workday, ALWAYS with the safety of the dogs and staff foremost in their mind and success of Eva’s Play Pups LLC.

Kennel Manager-In-Training Job Summary:

This position is created to ensure our leadership team is thoroughly trained and prepared to support our pups and staff with all the tools they will need each day. This is a role designed to result in an effective progression to a vital role of management.

Managers at Eva’s Play Pups are responsible for carrying out daily tasks including the care of dogs, overseeing play group socialization, feeding, medication, cleaning and maintenance of the property. This role reports directly to the General Manager. In addition to the daily tasks of our Camp Counselors, Managers are responsible for:

Day-to-day operations:

  • Creates and updates procedures & protocols in cooperation with co-managers and General Manager/ Owner.
  • Work with office staff, social media team, drivers and kennel staff to maintain positive, friendly and engaging client relationships.
  • Conduct themself as a player-coach: leading by example.
  • Delegates daily plan and job duties to team.
  • Ensures that all staff are performing in accordance with policies and procedures, correcting deficiencies in the moment.
  • Trains new staff according to training plan, policies and procedures.
  • Creates safe and manageable dog play groups, adhering to pertinent safety notes.
  • Ensures videos and photos are taken of all dogs together with Social Media Experts every day and posted to social media platforms
  • Completes End of Day report to oncoming team
  • Going out with dog groups, may hike 6-8 hrs/ day.
  • Collaborate with General Manager and HR regarding employee relations, corrective action, performance and pay.
  • Ad hoc duties as assigned.

Health and Wellness Responsibilities:

  • Oversees daily assessment of dog’s health and wellbeing. Assessments include physical and behavioral review of symptoms to report any issues that cannot be resolved to General Manager and medical professionals as necessary.
  • Daily review of client weights and creating intervention plans for any individuals in need
  • Ensure medications and supplements are administered appropriately and compared with owner’s instructions.
  • Ensures overall safety and wellbeing of dogs in our care.


1-2 year’s Experience in customer service (preferred)
1-2 year’s Experience in leadership(preferred)
Physical requirements: Walking for extended periods of time, on feet for 10 hours, able to lift 50 lbs, frequent squatting and bending, climbing.
Experience as a dog-handler a plus!

Tons of Benefits!

  • Health Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Bring your dog to work
  • 4% 401K Match!
  • Bonus
  • Quarterly tips

If you are interested, please check out our website to see more about what we do then email your resume to Human Resources at eppcareer@gmail.com.  Have a Pawsome Day!

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Animal Handling
Time Management

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Required Education Level : None