• Ensures that all examination rooms are properly stocked each morning and maintained throughout the day
  • Coordinates flow of patients through the exam rooms
  • Escorts clients from reception to exam rooms and completes check-in process
  • Assists veterinarians in exam rooms with restraint and treatments
  • Coordinates between departments and veterinarians to serve as patient advocate as needed
  • Prepares and presents estimates to clients based on doctors’ healthcare plan
  • Enters charges and prepares prescriptions on order of the veterinarian
  • Prepares written discharge instructions and provides client education.
  • Demonstrates medications and ensures client is clear on aftercare
  • Collects lab samples and submit laboratory tests to lab tech, performing testing when needed
  • Assists in check-in of morning inpatient cases, ensuring that all hospitalization consents are properly executed, and estimates prepared
  • Coordinates with the inpatient veterinarian on cases; ensures that all treatments are properly recorded on the white board; coordinates execution of treatments/surgeries when needed
  • Obtains requested lab work, places IV catheters for morning surgery cases
  • Assists the inpatient veterinarian with treatments, anesthesia, surgeries, and dentistry’s
  • Ensures that the inpatient veterinarian has completed all orders and medical record notations
  • Performs post-op status phone call updates to clients with surgery patients
  • Upon request of veterinarian makes status update phone calls to clients with hospitalized patient; ensures that client is up to date on charges
  • Prepares written discharge instructions and ensures that all charges are entered in work file with appropriate “ready-to-go” status
  • Performs patient discharge ensuring that all medications are demonstrated, and discharge instructions are covered in detail
Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Blood draws, catheter placement, x-rays, surgical tech, canine/feline restraint techniques, client education, experience preferred. 

Required Education Level : High School Diploma or Equivalent