Our technicians assist the doctors to the fullest possible extent, to help improve the quality of care given to the patients, and to aid the doctors in achieving greater efficiency by relieving them of technical work at AMSH of Frisco.  We believe in utilizing the skills you have learned and will help you to expand on that knowledge and continue to grow.

You will assist in multiple procedures providing care for animals including physical examinations, dental procedures, surgeries, immunizations, as well as client education, marketing and inventory maintenance.  This position requires a working knowledge of pharmaceutical drugs, common disease: their symptoms, means of transmission, treatment and prevention, and other basic preventative health care recommendations.  You are a vital part of providing the care, compassion, education and empathy to our patients and the people who love them.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Medical and treatment procedures, radiology, laboratory, handling of pets, communication, critical thinking, venipuncture and catheterization. Multi-tasking and the ability to stay focused in a high stress situation. This is a brief summary of knowledge, skills and ability as there are many other requirements to be successful as a veterinary technician.

About Animal and Medical and Surgical Hos

Animal and Medical and Surgical Hos

Required Education Level : Associate's Degree